SwordSmith Records makes it easier for kids (and parents too) to memorize the Word of God.  We believe that it is powerful!  It will change your life!  One of the most important aspects of having a relationship with God involves spending time listening to what He has to say.  With it we can encourage others and ourselves, keep temptation from allowing us to fall into sin, and most importantly - learn more about who God is.

We write songs and create videos that are taken straight from important passages from the Bible.  So when you listen to our songs, you are memorizing the Word of God!

SwordSmith began after Paul spent a summer running children's Bible clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in the Bucks County chapter of Pennsylvania.  As part of the clubs, the kids would play games, listen to Bible stories, sing songs, and memorize Scripture.  He noticed that the kids would really struggle learning the Bible verse each day.  They'd line up one by one to recite the verse to their leader just hoping it was close enough to get the candy reward for their efforts.  Most of the time it was barely good enough to recognize the meaning of the verse.... Meanwhile, the kids would go home singing all of the fun songs that they had just learned - word perfectly.  Paul thought that was a little backwards.  He felt the kids should go home knowing the Bible perfectly too!

Since then, Paul has written and produced multiple children's albums and DVDs with one goal in mind, to help kids memorize the Bible.  He began writing for CEF in the fall of 2009 while studying under Don Marsh.  Since then, he has created SwordSmith Records and recently has been signed as a children's songwriter with Liberty Music Group.

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